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Clarendon Gas

Manning, SC

Clarendon Gas is an Propane (LPG) fuelling station based in Manning SC.

Access is Public, opening times are 8am-5pm M-F and the following payment methods are accepted: Cash D M V (as at 2015-01-06).

Contact Clarendon Gas by telephone: 803-433-4468 877-659-6839 .

647 S Mill St

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Map of Clarendon Gas

Clarendon Gas Information

Fuel Type Propane (LPG)
Contact T: 803-433-4468 877-659-6839
Address 647 S Mill St
Lat/Long 33.6857706, -80.2122063 (200-8)
Status E
Expected Date
Access Public
Opening Times 8am-5pm M-F
Payment Methods Cash D M V
BD Blends
NG Fill Type
Updated At 2015-01-06 17:46:23 UTC
Owner Type P
Federal Agency
Hydrogen Status Link
NG Vehicle Class
LPG Primary false
E85 Blender Pump
EV Connector Types
EV Level 1 #
EV Level 2 #
EV DC Fast Count
EV Other Info

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